Yoga VS Pilates Benefits
for Enlightenment

Yoga VS Pilates; which is best for the spiritual seeker of Truth, Salvation, and Enlightenment?

Pilates and the various Hatha Yoga styles are both physical, can be done by men and women, and contain various exercises and routines.

Hatha Yoga and Pilates both offer full body workouts, capable of burning calories and shedding weight. Both emphasize the use of mental and physical control.

Both help in striking a balance between strength and flexibility, and provide strenuous symmetrical workouts for all muscle groups.

The big difference when comparing just the physical challenges and benefits they provide is the Pilates machine which ads resistance to the workouts.

Yoga Pose

This machine can help increase muscle tone and strength more so than exercises done alone could.

For purely physical purposes, both styles are beneficial and can both be integrated into daily workouts. The two styles can complement each other quite nicely.

For the spiritual seeker of Truth, Salvation and Enlightenment however Yoga is by far the more beneficial path.

Hatha, the physical side of Yoga is just a small part in the overall union of Yoga. Yoga’s true purpose is to advance people on their spiritual path.

Through the other branches of yoga, students realize that they are not the body or the mind, but the pure conscious awareness beyond them.

Yoga Flower

Those ready to awaken, or already on the path towards spiritual awakening, begin to greatly desire the true knowledge of whether or not there is a purpose to life, and if there is life after death.

Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Karma Yoga teach ancient truths that are beyond intellectual comprehension and must be realized intuitively within ones soul.

As we are all headed towards spiritual realization, why not begin now? Spiritual awakening is the natural evolution of consciousness.

All spiritual seekers should begin their quest by seeking out True Wisdom. We have entered the Information Age.

Seek and you shall find.

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  • Jnana Yoga is the most important path to understand. It is the path of True Knowledge and Wisdom. Knowledge here is not to be misunderstood as intellectual comprehension, but as an intuitive understanding.

  • Bhakti Yoga is known as the perfection of yoga. All paths lead to this one, but this one relies on the others. This is the path that focuses on love and devotion to the Divine, Supreme Being.

  • Karma Yoga deals with the proper way to behave in the World. It involves the renunciation of the fruits of action.

  • Raja Yoga deals with the mind and the ego. Through meditation and contemplation false ego is surrendered.

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