Steps to Enlightenment

The Steps to Enlightenment must all be incorporated in daily life in order to awaken to your True-Self. It is a path and a process.


1. Right View

Gaining True Wisdom and Knowledge is the first and greatest step.

In this information age, all sorts of teachings abound about the path to enlightenment. Seek out only the truth, for false gurus and teachings are everywhere.

With the acquisition of truth all other steps become much easier.

Truth will liberate you from illusion, and correct your vision and perception.

2. Right Intention

Intend to seek the highest Truth. Declare this daily.

This intention will guide you to it and allow your inner consciousness to absorb the truth and expand. Your comprehension will grow. Intend to seek Enlightenment for the highest good of all mankind. Your desire for truth benefits all of existence.

Ethical Conduct

3. Right Speech

Guard your words. We are all connected. If you have nothing good to say, keep silent. This is ancient wisdom. To release negative words is to do wrong to all of humanity, and keeps you from peace.

4. Right Action

This is known as karma yoga. Live in the present moment. You are responsible for the intention and the action, not the result.

Surrender all the fruits of action onto God. This eliminates false pride, and allows the development of gratitude. When you do something that leads to a good result, be grateful and thankful.

5. Right Livelihood

Be satisfied and happy. Cultivate serenity and simplicity. The function of the physical world is to provide a solid place for us to evolve our souls.

This whole lifetime is a gift. Be grateful and do not waste it. Strive for unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness; three great steps to enlightenment.

Mental Discipline

6. Right Effort

The path towards enlightenment is the evolution of consciousness. It has been rare in history, and is not easy. Be devout and resolute. Make this the goal of your life. The Kingdom of Heaven is the destination.

7. Right Mindfulness

Gain control of your thoughts. They are not you. If there are negative thoughts of any kind rolling around in your mind, do not accept them.

Meditation and knowledge will lead you to realize that you are not your mind, but the pure conscious awareness beyond mind.

8. Right Concentration

Focus on stillness. Meditate daily and look within. Watch your thoughts and see that they arise on their own, impersonal and indifferent.

They arise from the programs and influences your ego has adopted and are not you. Let them go. In time you will think only when you consciously choose to.

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  • For a Buddhist Enlightenment is the goal of one’s life. Lord Buddha wished to be remembered as Awake. If he was awake, than all who are not Enlightened are sleeping. Enlightenment is the state of Self-Realization and is attained by transcending the ego.

  • The Path to Enlightenment  in modern times is clear. We have advanced to a point in history where Enlightenment is 1000 times more attainable than it ever has been.

  • Reach Enlightenment in this lifetime. There is nothing else to do in this temporary, illusory, physical world. Science has now proven that the physical world has no reality.

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