Great Quotes about Moving On
for Enlightenment

Moving on can be difficult. Read through these good Quotes about Moving On and be inspired.

Life changes are inevitable in this world. Direct your course by moving forward in a positive direction. There is always more to learn. Life is an unending process of growth.

Seek happiness within you, for that is where true happiness dwells. Have faith; letting go and moving forward can be an exciting adventure. Love, happiness, success, and fulfillment are just one positive change away!

Good Quotes about Moving On:

  • Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.
    Dave Mustaine

  • Staying in one place is the best path to be taken over and surpassed by many.
    Byron Pulsifer
  • Courage is not the absence of fear, but simply moving on with dignity despite that fear.
    Pat Riley

  • Sometimes the cards we are dealt are not always fair. However you must keep smiling & moving on.
    Tom Jackson

  • Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on.
    Les Brown
  • Take a second out to think about this: in your life you search and search for the right person for you. Every time you break up with someone you get one step closer to that person. You should look at moving on as getting closer to meeting the one.
    Ian Philpot

  • When you start to abandoning your old beliefs or values... you may be stuck at the threshold for two or three years. Before moving on, you have to clear away your cherished beliefs.
    Dick Raymond

  • If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
    Jim Rohn

  • My Mama always said you've got to put the past behind you before you can move on.
    the movie Forrest Gump

Quotes about Moving On Anon

Quotes about Moving On

  • It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.
    Theodore Roosevelt

  • Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
    Albert Einstein

  • Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Albert Einstein

  • Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on.
    Bob Newhart

  • Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... It's about learning how to dance in the rain.
    Vivian Greene
  • Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that's more productive.
    Donald Trump

  • Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.
    John F. Kennedy

  • You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.
    Winston Churchill

Quotes about Moving On

  • God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference.
    Reinhold Niebuhr

  • Letting go doesn't mean giving up... it means moving on.

  • When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
    Lao Tzu
  • People can be more forgiving than you can imagine. But you have to forgive yourself. Let go of what's bitter and move on.
    Bill Cosby

  • Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.
    Hermann Hesse

More Famous and Enlightening Quotes

  • Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.
    Frank Herbert (Quotes about Change)

  • Each of us has been put on earth with the ability to do something well. We cheat ourselves and the world if we don't use that ability as best we can.
    George Allen, Sr. (Moving on Quotes)

  • Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.
    Nido Qubein (Encouragement Quotes)

  • To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act.
    Anatole France (Dream Quotes)

  • Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.
    Lord Buddha (Buddha Quotes)

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