Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is to evolve. Whatever negative and false beliefs you hold must be relinquished for true and positive ones.

Purpose is different in different situations. People are at different levels of conscious evolution.

The purpose of someone at the level of fear is to overcome that fear and replace it with love.

The purpose of someone at the level of anger is to learn how to forgive, and foster peace.

The purpose of someone at the level of apathy is to become empowered and gain courage.

Physical life is but the stage for experience. We are all a part of the whole; individual souls connected to the infinite source.

Transcending the levels of consciousness is simply a matter of giving up negative energy for positive energy.

With insight one realizes that this was the main lesson of Lord Jesus. Whatever level of consciousness you are at; your purpose is to rise to a higher one. This is the process of Enlightenment and the purpose of life.

Purpose of Life

By learning the lessons of Truth taught by the greatest spiritual masters of all time, and what science is now revealing, you will have the greatest chance of achieving your purpose.

We are living in a truly glorious time. God does nothing by accident, and all great things come from God. The creation of the Internet is one such thing, as humanity is now connected physically and not just consciously. The Truth is being revealed on a Global scale, to elevate all of those who are ready to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

It is only through these higher levels that one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and trust me, that is where you want to go. The kingdom of heaven is for all of humanity, and is beyond religion.

It matters not where your faith came from, or whose lessons you learned and practiced, but that you have raised your vibrational energy frequency to the level of Unconditional Love.

Purpose of Life Earth

Another great name for God is the Supreme Intelligence. This creation, for the most part, is on auto pilot.

We consciously or unconsciously decide where we go when we leave our physical bodies. Like a cork in the sea we will attain an after-life experience on par with our level of consciousness.

Lord Jesus taught to overcome Sin and gain love. Lord Buddha and Lord Krishna taught to overcome negative karma and gain positive karma. Sin and bad karma are the same.

Jesus did refer to reincarnation in the Bible, and more so than what was included, but his main focus was on the present life time.

His teachings are eternal. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and outside of you. Knock and the doors will be opened, seek and you shall find.

The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now. Raise your level of consciousness and see for yourself. This is the Purpose of Life.

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Purpose of Life

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