Nonduality: The experience of Enlightenment!

When one has transcended the levels of consciousness, one experiences Nonduality. It is the experience of our true nature.

There are no opposites, or separate positions in reality. All perceptions of separation, are merely mentations caused from the localized point, we call ego-mind.

This state is now being suggested by advanced scientific theory.

Non duality is experienced trough pure conscious awareness. Think about it. All form, arises from non-form; The unmanifested Supreme Consciousness, manifesting as form.

Everything in creation is one and the same. To achieve Enlightenment is to experience the energy and love of Allness.

Being aware of this truth facilitates growth and surrender. You are not your ego, but the pure consciousness beyond it. If it weren’t for consciousness, there would be no existence, for what would experience it?

Nonduality Burst

Think of the infinite field of consciousness as the mind of God. This whole creation is being manifested and maintained within his mind. He is the Supreme Being experiencing his creation through all. He is us and we are him. Everything is God.

There is no individual consciousness. Our perception of being separate is but the illusion of the ego.

To experience Truth, believe in the Truth, and live the Truth. We are all one, practice Nondualism, by being kind, loving and compassionate towards all life in all its expressions.

To be unloving towards anything is to be unloving towards one’s self. See the joy and exquisite beauty in this glorious creation.

All is one and all is good, surrender all judgments onto God. The kingdom of Heaven and Salvation is attained by those who have reached the consciousness level of unconditional Love.

To love unconditionally is the practice of Nonduality.

Chaos Theory: Nonlinear Order

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