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M Theory is the latest version of string theory. The theories continue to evolve as man searches the physical, to explain the Universe.

This latest idea supposes that there is an 11th dimension in which an infinite number of Universes float around. The collision of two of these Universes caused the big bang and created our Universe.

String theory postulates that all form arises from tiny strings of energy. M theory attempts to explain where all the energy came from.

If all the energy that formulates our Universe came from the collision of two separate Universes, where then, did they come from?

The Truth is that this is an infinitely expanding Universe, spinning in a field, of infinite Universes.

Science will never be able to fully explain the origin and makeup of the Universe within the linear realm, because the makeup of the Universe is formless.

The Universe exists independently of human description. Essentially it is one, unified total field of energy, within which are variable levels of vibrational frequencies that appear as form.

The formless potentiality, manifests as actuality. The infinite field of consciousness creates a vibrational frequency where energy, forms into matter.

The field of consciousness is all-encompassing and is therefore omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. The formless field of consciousness is everything, there are no separate parts.

The manifesting Universe as creation, arises as a continuous ongoing process.

The true substance of the Universe is consciousness, and the source of consciousness is Divinity.

To try to understand the Universe, through its manifestation will never be possible, because the Universes true nature is formless.

To seek the truths of the Universe one must look within. Ask who it is that is seeking the answers. Your true self is your consciousness, beyond ego.

Enlightenment reveals the truths of All!

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  • String Theory suggests that the particles that make up our Universe are formed from tiny strings of energy. The strings vibrate at specific resonate frequencies. All particles are actually minute vibrating objects.

  • Chaos Theory is the science of process as opposed to state. Within the paradigm of linear Newtonian physics, everything was believed to be predictable, as per the physical laws of nature.

  • The great thing about The Levels of Consciousness, is that by simply knowing about the levels, raises ones level.

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