Hand Yoga, Mudra Hand Poses for Enlightenment!

Hand Yoga, Mudra Hand Poses are of great benefit to the spiritual seeker of Wisdom and Enlightenment. Yoga hand poses should be practiced during meditation to help open the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras.

Yoga Mudras are ancient hand poses that have been practiced and taught by all great spiritual masters.

Yoga mudras help to channel your spiritual energies and help in the process of spiritual awakening.

The power of Mudras is beyond religion and all may be practiced no matter where they originated.

Mudras are found in all religious traditions.

Placing hands together during prayer is a Mudra.

Placing thumbs and forefingers together during meditation is another Mudra.

Hand Yoga Buddha

Touching the tips of all your fingers to those of the opposite hand is a common mudra people do unconsciously, during contemplation, and thinking.

The use of hand yoga mudras are of great benefit to all spiritual seekers. Mudras provide of focal point of awareness during meditation, helping to keep the mind silent.

When practicing, maintain a slight and continuous pressure at contact points. This allows for unimpeded flow of spiritual energy, and keeps your conscious awareness engaged in the stillness.

Hand Yoga Prayer

Most mudras have specific purposes taught and handed down from enlightened masters and saviors. The main thing to focus on while using mudras or any spiritual practice is your intention for the practice.

Intention is the greatest form of manifesting power. When using yoga mudras focus on your desire to be freed from illusion.

Focus on your wish to evolve for the betterment of all mankind.

Focus on your desire for love, peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness, and wisdom for all living creatures.

We are all One. Focus on your desire to surrender to that realization.

Focus on your desire to cultivate True Wisdom and intuitive understanding of spiritual truth.

Like Mantras, mudras are very powerful when used with sincere desire and devotion, for the betterment of all creation.

Do not use them for personal gain as this will only prolong your journey.

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