What is Consciousness
Calibration Research?

Consciousness Calibration Research is the new field of study opened up by the advances of Applied Kinesiology.

Within Applied Kinesiology, which is essentially muscle testing, it was recently discovered that the test stimuli, need not be something physical. A smile will make someone test strong, while the statement “I hate you” will make someone test weak.

It was also discovered that holding a negative stimuli, such as a gangster rap album, will make one test weak.

That the object being tested was no longer even part of the subject led to deeper inquiries. Soon it was discovered that the object needn’t even be present in the room.

Merely thinking about the object was enough to trigger a response.

Consciousness Calibration

After all was said and done, the sum total of Consciousness Calibration Research is this:

The substance of the Universe is Consciousness. All form arises from this infinite energy field. Everything in existence is a part of this field, separation is an illusion.

Nothing is outside the boundaries of inquiry, for everything is within the infinite field. All is connected, and interdependent with everything else.

Time does not exist within the infinite field itself, and all that has ever occurred within the domain of form is recorded forever.

Everything in existence is an expression of energy. And every expression of energy has form; the higher the vibrational frequency of the energy the higher the level of consciousness.

The state of Enlightenment is the state where one has achieved pure consciousness.

Consciousness Calibration Research can be used to discern the truth from falsehood, or the level of truth or falsehood, regarding anything, past or present.

Thoughts, words, actions, people, societies, objects, animals plants, anything.

All forms arise from energy and that energy is consciousness. Particles are made up of quarks, and all quarks are the same.

Everything in the Universe is made up of the exact same stuff. The substance of the Universe is consciousness.

Consciousness Calibration Scale

It was also discovered that the participants in the testing both need to be above the level of integrity in order for the test to be successful, and that the desires to know must also be integral.

This method of research has been performed successfully, with very large groups, yet the skeptic, is still unable to get accurate results. The skeptic is below the level of integrity.

To wish to make inquiries into the Infinite Field of Consciousness, one must first believe in the Infinite Field, and be worthy of its revelations.

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