Chaos Theory: Nonlinear Order

Chaos theory is the science of process as opposed to state. Within the paradigm of linear Newtonian physics, everything was believed to be predictable, as per the physical laws of nature.

The discovery was then made that Newtonian physics was only accurate if the interaction studied was between two bodies in controlled environments.

The addition of a third element makes all equations unreliable. The Theory recognizes that a complex system can be both turbulent and coherent.

In human interactions, no accurate predictions are possible, because of the variances in levels of consciousness.All actions are automatic processes resultant from the influencing energy of consciousness.

The ego is the filter through which consciousness experiences. People react differently to the same situations.

All perceptions and projections are derived from one’s beliefs, values, ethnicity, emotions, mood, attitudes and opinions. And all these are influenced by the level of consciousness.

Chaos Theory

That Chaos is perceived in the material World is simply illusion of perception.

Someone who is at the level of Anger perceives a world of Hate and violence, and that is what they get.

Someone who is at the level of love perceives a loving and harmonious world, and that is what they get.

An Enlightened Being, perceives the World as Oneness, all is perfect and complete. There can be no Chaos within the Nonlinear realm of consciousness. All is merely manifesting as it is.

What is perceived as chaos and unpredictability, is simply the interactions of various forms of energy. Be it the levels of consciousness interacting, or the heat of the sun warming the ocean.

Chaos theory, within the infinite context of all existence, states that all is in perfect balance and harmony within the overall field.

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